Jordan Jacques
Jordan Jaques

I’m currently a trainee personal trainer and member of staff at ABC. I’ve been involved with fitness all my life with playing football competitively from a young age and playing at the best standard that wasn’t academy level. I went on to win many league titles, cup competitions as well as the county cup in my final junior year of football.

As I got older and matured the more I realised that the fitness and training side of football was more appealing to me. I still enjoyed the competitive nature of the games but the preparation and basic fitness training was what really interested me. As well as football I competed in various athletic events with myself specialising in sprinting. I was district champion for a time and regularly competed at county championships. My biggest achievement within sprinting was running 11.37 seconds untrained which was a career best for me and something I’m very proud of.

These led to me starting my path through fitness where I first studied Sports & Exercises Science and achieved full marks throughout the 2 years. Then recently I completed my 3-year course at Teesside University where I studied Applied Sports and Exercises Science finishing with Upper Second-Class Honours. I knew very early into the course that as informative and necessary it was, I wanted to be more practical and hands on and put the theory into practice which is where the idea of becoming a Personal Trainer arose. I was contemplating a few options after my 3rd year but after running some online sessions for the gym over lockdown, Andy graciously offered me a role at the gym which I accepted on the spot.

ABC is the type of place where you look forward to going to work and train and is comfortably the best gym environment and gym in the area.

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