Hyrox might be a word you’ve heard recently but you might not know what it is.

Hyrox is a global fitness race everyone can take part in. Participants from all around the world compete in the exact same format. The race starts with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional movement, which repeats 8 times, taking place in large indoor venues, creating a unique stadium-like atmosphere for all participants. Between each 1km run you must complete: a 1km ski, a 50m sled push, a 50m sled pull, 80m burpee broad jumps, a 1km row, 200m farmers carries, 100m sandbag lunges and it is finished with 100 wall balls.

Hyrox can be completed as a solo participant, with a same sex partner, mixed sex partner or could also be completed in a 4-person relay. It has an open section for every-day gym goers wanting their first go at a Hyrox, and also has a pro-section for those who have competed a few times and want to push themselves on heavier weights. It is also possible to qualify for the Hyrox World Championships depending on your time when competing! How does ABC cater for this? Due to the money invested into ABC it is the perfect place to train for a Hyrox. It has an AstroTurf capable of pushing and pulling a sled and has access to equipment for every one of the exercises. Myself and ABC gym member, Ste Firman, have started training Hyrox-specific once a week in the hope of entering a competition later in the year, this is something I’m hoping to push further as the year goes on into a small group training class or even a stand-alone Hyrox class for people wanting to give it a go.

ABC’s facilities helped ABC member, Chris Garbutt, complete a Hyrox in Glasgow earlier this year, and hopefully going forward it will help many more ABC members complete their own hyrox journeys.

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