At the end of March, ABC held its very first weekend seminar for a range of athletes involved in fighting disciplines from boxing to Muay Thai.

Fifteen fighters attended the seminar led by ABC owner, Andy Burton and guest trainer, Ste McClean. 

During the two days, those who attended were given guidance on training programmes, nutrition, recovery methods and mindset.   There were also regular opportunities for the fighters to train with workouts focusing on improving their strength and conditioning.

It was fantastic to have professional fighters working and learning alongside young, amateur fighters.  Amongst those who attended were the Darlington-based British and European title holder, Troy Williamson; from Redcar, Bobby Dalton and Tom Hill; Sedgefield’s Tom Summerbell, Hartlepool’s Harley Carberry and Muay Thai fighters, Jack and Taif Cooper.  ABC looks forward to hosting more sports-specific developmental seminars in the very near future.

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