On September 9th, ABC held its second ever in-house strongman/strongwoman competition…the Titan Games.

The event was organized by ABC trainer, Adam Laverick and involved 10 female and 13 male competitors.

Over the course of five events, competitors challenged not only their strength but also their endurance. Results for each event were:

Event1st position – female1st position – male
1. Hyperion PressCici MurdochJosh Fleming
2. Frame of ZeusCici MurdochJosh Fleming
3. Sled of HeliusMary BowdenJosh Fleming
4. Rings of PromethiusDenise SmithJosh Fleming/Oliver Riddle
5. Sandbags of AtlasCici MurdochJosh Fleming

Overall positions for the female competitors were:

1st: Cici Murdoch

2nd: Hannah Race

3rd: Kelly Brown

Overall positions for the male competitors were:

1st: Josh Fleming

2nd: Josh Reid

3rd: Matthew Hughes

Although individual performances were impressive throughout the day, the most noteworthy aspect of this event was the support and encouragement given to each and every competitor by their fellow competitors.

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