Ela Dziadula has been a member of ABC for over four years and in that time admits to having many ups and downs when it comes to training but the support of other members and trainers have always kept her on track.

2022 has seen Ela focus on a new hobby…walking.  She has always enjoyed walking but, like many of us, has never really done enough of it.   This year, Ela was determined to walk and visit new places as often as possible.  This started with short trips but every time she went to a new place, she wanted to see more of it.  After downloading a few apps on local walks she started walking every weekend.  It wasn’t long until she was hooked, falling in love with the Lake District and North Yorkshire Moors in particular.

A determination to complete longer and more difficult hikes has given Ela a renewed focus to become fitter and healthier.  ABC continues to help her in completing these weekend adventures by offering regular accountability with weight loss through the Healthy Fat Loss programme and providing Ela with a training environment that both supports and challenges her.  

In true ABC style, Ela is excited to share her love of walking with the wider ABC community and her latest goal is to walk the Cleveland Way in nine separate stages.   She has invited ABC members to join her where they are able to.  To date, Ela has completed three stages: Helmsley to Sutton Bank, Sutton Bank to Osmotherley and Osmotherley to Clay Bank top. 

Keep up the great work, Ela…and keep inspiring others.

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