On Saturday 17th June, ABC member, Emma Hewling, embarked on an extraordinary journey, running a double ultra marathon called “The Wall” from Carlisle to Newcastle, covering a whopping 70 miles!

Her inspiring goal was to make a profound impact on the life of a little girl from Stockton named Connie.  Emma dedicated her run to raise funds for an all-terrain wheelchair, allowing Connie to experience the joy of accessing the beach alongside her parents and sisters.

The day after completing the run, Emma said:

“We all stand at life’s start line and give it our best shot. We won’t all be able to do things forever and you don’t know what life will throw at you tomorrow, next week, next year…it’s there for the taking – get after it.

If you’re having a wobble, then be brave, these are the days you’ll remember. Of course, it’s going to be hard, but that was the point.

The brave weren’t inspired by comfort.

Connie – your new wheelchair is on its way!

The charity Emma raised funds for, The Teesside Family Foundation, presented Emma with their TTFF Shining Star award and said, “Congratulations, Emma on this incredible achievement!  Your determination and selflessness have touched our hearts.  We eagerly await the beautiful moment when Connie can finally enjoy the beach!”

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