ABC’s second ever strongman/strongwoman event took place on Saturday 13th August. 

Fifteen people competed over five events which tested both their strength and endurance. 

Events included:

  1. Floor to overhead press
  2. Yoke safety bar squat
  3. Sandbag carry
  4. Deadlift
  5. Rope sled pull

Although many competitors had experience of entering fitness and strongman competitions, there were some for whom this was their first ever competition experience. 

Following a complex scoring process, the winners of the Games were:


  1. Josh Fleming – 787 points
  2. Gaz Cannon – 580 points
  3. Peter Thompson – 497 points


  1. Louise Neasham   – 372 points
  2. Katherine Neeson  – 323 points
  3. Kay Fenwick  – 312 points

There was a brilliant atmosphere throughout the day with competitors supporting and encouraging each other to do their very best.  Event organiser, ABC trainer, Adam Laverick, said about the Games: “A phenomenal combination of strength, endurance, strategy and pure determination, the Titan Games was appropriately named and set the standard for future competitions. “

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