Michelle Wild

I joined ABC in 2020 during a very difficult time in my life thanks to my son Cameron who was already a member and reaping the benefits of all ABC has to offer. I knew no one. I was unfit..I was out of my comfort zone. I started training alongside Cameron in boot camps. But in no time at all i was able to go alone ..why ..well you are never ALONE at ABC I have met some truly amazing inspirational members and now class many as friends. The trainers are experts at the highest level and passionate about what ABC offers always striving to be the best and develop what is available to members. Having my other son Declan join has made it complete for me. We have a strong family history of heart disease, their dad having a heart attack at 46 makes me want to see my sons take care of their health and ABC has enabled them to do this. Weight-loss support, running club, body combat and classes that challenge you in every way… what is not to like?! It is outstanding and I am such a better person for being part of it. Thank you ABC.

Declan Wild

I joined the gym in January 2020 when my eating habits and desire to exercise were in need of change and I had reached a weight that was not healthy for my age. My brother and mam were both members at ABC at the time and recommended that I joined them, emphasising the support offered through the ‘fat loss group.’ Despite the gym being closed due to the lockdown, ABC continued to offer a complete, varied programme of classes through Zoom. The support and encouragement offered by staff inspired me to change the way I thought about eating and exercise. In the first two months of being an ABC member, I had lost two stone and was at a significantly healthier weight. Staff at ABC are passionate and knowledgeable about their work and their members. ABC offer a service that is unrivalled and is a place for individuals and families of all abilities to meet new people and develop healthier habits.

Cameron Wild

I joined ABC a few years ago as a mate was training there. I joined as I wanted a change from the commercial gyms and as the functional fitness scene grows it’s a great place that allows me to complete everything I need to do with minimal fuss. I still train there as the gym has outstanding facilities and levels of equipment, it has pushed me on to be a stronger and fitter person. When the first lockdown was easing we as a family had gone through a tough time losing my grandad, and I knew my mam is a lover of exercise but she had never found the right place to train before. She had used all the fads such as Elite etc but I knew she needed a place where she would work hard and lose weight the natural way. After a few months I persuaded my brother to join as he was looking to do the same thing. A few months later both are smashing it and it is great to see them in the gym and join in with classes such as Active Body Combat with them when possible!

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