Becca Race

As someone who has always been interested in sport and fitness, I believe it’s massively important to find places and ways in which to exercise, that make you feel the most comfortable, in order to achieve the greatest results! Since finishing my Health and Fitness related degree at university in 2020 and throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, participating in regular exercise had become less of a priority and had started to feel more like a chore. However, since joining ABC, exercising and working out has never felt better. I originally joined ABC to slowly ease me back into a healthier lifestyle and I can honestly say it is the best decision I’ve ever made! I now feel able to challenge myself and push my body to levels I would have never have thought would be possible a year ago. Participating in PT sessions twice a week with my sister and generally just getting to grips with what my body is capable of, along with the high quality knowledge that is provided from the personal trainers and members of the ABC team, allowed me to complete my first half marathon earlier this year, which was a massive achievement for me! ABC isn’t all about just focusing on yourself, after seeing the effect training at ABC had had on both my physical and mental wellbeing, my Mum and Dad both decided to join the gym for regular PT sessions as well, meaning there’s a good bit of family competition going on between us all! It has also provided me with opportunities, such as being able to complete a UKA coaching qualification that I can go on to use to help and encourage others to reach their fitness goals. One last thing, despite the ABC gym only being small, you are made to feel part of one big family.

Hannah Race

As an individual who struggles with anxiety I found it almost impossible to focus on my fitness and attend a gym regularly! After having ABC recommended to me by a family friend I have never looked back! Jude is the most amazing motivator and pushes me to achieve my absolute best within my PT sessions. Suffering from hypermobility (Joint hypermobility means that some or all of a person’s joints have an unusually large range of movement) and not knowing what exercises I could actually physically do has resulted in me neglecting my fitness. Completing PT sessions with Jude twice a week and doing exercises to strengthen my joints, has helped me excel in things I didn’t think was possible. Stepping onto a box without my knee dislocating was never a choice for me before PT. Now I can JUMP onto a box with no discomfort! The ABC gym is the most welcoming place I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. The range of classes has encouraged me to try new things and as a result have become a very passionate member of the Active Body Combat class and The ABC Arrows running group. Training as a family (Me, sister, Mum and Dad) at ABC has helped us keep each other motivated… can’t beat a bit of family competition

Jacqui Race

As a working mum who has recently reached her half century birthday and is more than a little overweight, prioritising myself was never at the top of the list. So after years of committing my time to others I feel that it is now time to show myself some attention. My main focus for joining ABC was to regain my confidence and self worth. With trepidation I attended an informal chat with Jude and immediately felt relaxed and valued, and agreed my first PT session there and then. ABC was recommended to me by my daughters and a good friend before this. I have no hesitation in adding myself to the list of recommenders. When I tell people I look forward to my 5.15am alarm on training days they think I’ve lost the plot, however as I walk into the gym I feel reassured that this is where the plot for the next stage of my life starts. There is always a friendly welcome that allows a level of acceptance and a sense of belonging. Each training session is tailored to my specific needs, and includes the encouragement to push a little harder but not too much to put me off. I regularly train with my husband and we have also trained with our daughters. While we all have varying abilities we all came away feeling equally challenged. That takes planning and commitment on another level. I feel that Jude takes on a personal responsibility to ensure I get the most out of my sessions. I have always been aware of the release of endorphins during exercise but it is only now that I am beginning to understand the power they have.

Stu Race

I joined ABC along with my wife around 3 months ago, after getting glowing reports from my two daughters, who also train there. My wife & I wanted some training that we could do together & our ABC early morning PT sessions have been fantastic & really enjoyed by both of us. The gym is a great place, with fantastic trainers, superb array of equipment & above all else a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere , not intimidating in the slightest. The staff are all very knowledgeable, both with training ideas & help with aches/pains/strains & working around these, to offer varied & interesting routines/exercises. All this knowledge & experience is also centred around a sense of humour & a big smile from our PT Jude, even @ 6am. Never thought we’d actually look forward to a 5.15am alarm call on gym mornings, but the friendly welcome, help & brilliant, varied training these last few months has actually made that the truth.

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