The Great Outdoors

Do you miss your gym?

The atmosphere

The focus

The hard work

The structure

I certainly do and have done hugely over this time but there’s something big that i will take from this situation that will help shine a light on the importance of our philosophy at ABC.

That is…the gym is there for people to train and to be able to enjoy their life outside of the gym as well.

During this period of lockdown the ability to get outdoors for many people and explore places they wouldn’t have normally has been a saviour both mentally and physically.  Walking, cycling and running have been activities I’ve personally loved partaking in over the last two months.

Training within the gym, improving Strength, Increasing muscle mass, Losing fat, Shaping up, Getting fitter, Becoming stronger, Socialising …and more is a huge part of people’s lives but i hope this situation has opened people’s minds up even more.

To use what they gain in the gym and to enjoy some of the amazing things on offer in nature.  We are massively lucky in the north east to have close access to brilliant:








…and more.

So, moving forward, and when the gyms reopen, i will complement my gym sessions with some exploring of the beautiful outdoors be that on bike or foot.  For physical health and mental health it’s so important to get away from the constant noise of technology and the stresses of everyday life.

I often think that when some things are taken away for a period of time it can help us see and appreciate what often is taken for granted. The thing that has been a big bonus for me is seeing and appreciating The Great Outdoors.

With that, enjoy the increased exercise allowance and get out there and keep fit, safe and healthy.


Andy Burton

Here are 5 great places to get outdoors that are all in driving distance of ABC (and ones I love):

  1. Short walk or run: Tees Barrage a steady stroll away from the gym and a great place to run or walk
  2. Long walk – full day: Saltburn to Whitby along the amazing Cleveland Way
  3. Mountain biking, run or walk: Hamsterley Forest – great scenery for biking, running or walking and general relaxation
  4. Walking: Roker to Seaburn, Sunderland. A bit further north but a brilliant place to walk and a fantastic beach to spend time on. Also some good places to eat
  5. Roseberry Topping and surrounding areas. A teesside favourite!

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