One of the biggest success stories I’ve been privileged to be part of is Stephen Firman’s. Ste came to me many years ago after I’d posted about the success of a client at that time with long standing back issues. Ste was, at that time, in so much pain daily that he was considering undergoing a very dangerous operation to find some way of improving his condition. After his consultation with me, we put together a long-term program to initially ease some of the pain he was getting. If that was successful, then the aim was to then start making improvements with his overall strength and conditioning to allow him to, in his words, be able to do stuff he could do when he was a kid. The reasoning being was to be able in the future to train alongside his kids and family. Over time, Ste made huge improvements with occasional setbacks, yet never let any get the better of him. From barely being able to hold his arms above his head to now being able to do all sorts of exercises: handstand push ups, pull ups and many other callisthenic exercises. He has also participated in endurance feats such as riding up Mount Snowdon, completing half marathons and much more. Ste is able to be an all-rounder now and is strong, mobile and able to endure whatever activity or adventure he takes part in. As a consequence of this, Stephen’s wife Jenny now trains with me and has achieved great things as well after being a member at ABC since we opened. Also, William, his son, trains at ABC. He takes part in athletics events and is a British champion in tumbling. They now all train alongside each other in ABC group sessions, something that seemed a million miles away from when Ste first ever started out. Most of all though, Ste has become one of my closest friends for whom I’m privileged to know, both him and his great family. This life changing story shows just how much benefit exercise can give anyone who makes that decision to get started.

Andy Burton PT

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