In the lead up to Christmas the gauntlet was thrown down and gym members were invited to join a six-week challenge to commit to regular training and healthy eating.  Sixteen members accepted the challenge and as a group managed to lose 84.5 pounds, an impressive six stones, in weight. Well done to Lauren Hobson for losing almost a stone in weight, to Karen Short, Rachie Graham and Peter Cooper for losing over half a stone and to Louise Barber, Ela Dziadula and Helen Willers for being just shy of a half stone loss. This is such a difficult time of the year to lose weight so a huge well done to all participants for remaining focused for most, if not all, of the six week challenge. All those who took part in the challenge were part of a Facebook support group and regularly shared the healthy meals they had prepared.  Here are some examples of the marvellous dishes they produced.  Think we all agree that Lou Barber and Dan Steer made some of the most impressive meals!

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