Why deadlift? Why not? with the exception of the overhead press, no other movement uses as much muscle as the deadlift.

It’s essentially picking something up from the floor easy right? It’s actually one of the most complex moves requiring synergistic firing/control or your major muscle groups.

Start by bracing your core muscles (not just relying on an overtight belt), hinge your hips backwards as if sitting allowing your knees to travel forward. This puts tension on your hamstrings/glutes and off your lower back. Keeping shoulders over the bar grab the bar with whichever grip you desire. Lastly pull your shoulder blades together and push the floor away as you stand (this ensures the correct muscles are used). At the top squeeze the glutes to finish the lift. Variations include kettlebell deadlifts, rack deadlifts, deficit deadlifts and sumo deadlifts.

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