Age is something I’ve never really thought of and certainly never worried about.  Lately, however, the fright of the rapidly increasing grey hairs and a taste in music which could lead to accusations of me being stuck in a ‘time warp’ has truthfully played on my mind.

Overthinking has always been one of my most painful habits starting from the minute I wake up till the seconds before my brain gets to finally switch off when I go to sleep. Age has been something I’ve definitely been thinking about lately.  In relative terms I’m still young but in athlete’s terms I’m definitely old.

From the years of motivating and showing clients what they can achieve, no matter their age, and how they can adapt their training, to all of a sudden feeling the very same self-doubt myself.  Becoming too cautious in some areas of fitness and life.  Limiting challenges in order to not risk disappointing myself.  Using age as an excuse.

It’s good in my opinion to get balance, something I’ve found massively helpful but it’s good not to get too comfortable with just bumbling along with no goals to aim for.  Rather than worrying about age, I know I will try to use it to evolve and adapt whilst still trying to achieve what my body allows me to do.  I will use niggles and injuries to show me better ways of training and preparing my body.  Adapting whilst still aiming to be better.  I will challenge myself to become uncomfortable whilst still getting the rest and relaxation where needed.  But most importantly, I will think of new goals that excite me to train to maximise my potential in order to help others do the same, no matter what level and what part of life or athletic career they may be in. After all…


Here are my 5 TIPS to help you overcome any challenges that age might present.

  1. Use any previous injuries to guide you on how to adapt your training rather than stop you
  2. Think of a goal that excites you, no matter how big or small that may be
  3. Prepare for that goal over a longer period than you may have previously so you don’t try to rush progress
  4. Look for inspirational people who inspire you to stay the course when you start to doubt yourself
  5. Get guidance and help where needed

Any questions, drop them in the comments below or get in touch to ask.

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