Between the 10th and 19th  of December the gym was closed for business as more exciting ABC Renovations took place; the building of the mezzanine.  As the gym continues to grow, the decision was made to invest in providing more functional space for members to train.  The mezzanine area will be accessible to members from January and will be a space for cardio, core and calisthenic-type exercise.  This will be an amazing area for not only training but also for improving flexibility and for rehabilitation work.  We are really excited to see this space evolve and develop in the coming months with opportunities to hold pilates and yoga classes, particularly in the warmer months. 

Thank you to all ABC members who helped to move equipment prior to building work taking place and a particular special thanks to Rob Burrell, Kenny Matthews and Deb McGough for helping ‘above and beyond’ by relaying flooring, re-positioning gym equipment and cleaning so that gym could be reopened on December 20th.   Also, a huge thank you to Lee Stewart and Barry Swainston for their work with lighting the areas above and below the mezzanine, something which has completely transformed the ambience within the gym.  It has been such a humbling and emotional experience to see people who train at ABC, who have busy full-time jobs, give so freely of their time and expertise to ensure this project is completed to the highest of standards.

Work carried out by HPL FABRICATION AND ERECTION. Follow their social media platforms here:

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